Journey of The Goddess:

Deeply Explore All Your Feminine Power

September 23-26, 2021


Awaken the Divine Feminine within you during a weekend retreat nestled amongst the mountains and lakes of Maine. Join other women to come together and experience a profound awakening while you explore, journal, meditate, and embrace the most essential roles you play in your life.

Your Guides, Helle Brisson and Gail Kraft, will work with you to tap into the deeper meaning of who you are as a woman and to ensure that you return to the world more aware, more sensual, and more confident with who you are than ever before in your life.

Helle Brisson, author of Gently Touched by Angels and Fire Angels Meditation Cards, has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and Life Coaching and leads writer’s workshops in the US, Canada and Europe. Gail Kraft, Motivational Speaker and author of The Empowering Process, runs workshops and events on self-development and awareness across the country.

Suzanne Kingsbury, author and founder of Gateless Writing, Inc., associates the Divine Feminine with “creation, intuition, community, sensuality, and collaboration.”

Plan to join us in September 2021 – make the time to cultivate self-awareness and inner peace, forge new lifelong friendships, and rejuvenate your feminine mystique. Not only will the experience change your life, but also the lives of those around you for the better. 

Class Fee: $795.00 USD & Food/Lodging: $995 for share,
$1,280 for single Early Bird Special available until
August 15, 2021


Hi, I’m Kristi Stangeland, founder of My ParaVita, a company that helps busy women find balance, wellness and a sense of achievement in all they do. As your retreat host, I am blessed to meet wonderful women teachers like Helle and Gail.

Helle Brisson, author of “Gently Touched by Angels”, and Fire Angels Meditation Cards has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and Life Coaching. With earlier degrees in nursing and choreography, her training in Spiritual Psychology counseling, NLP. and her certificates in alternative healing modalities enable her to provide a holistic approach to life coaching. Helle’s intuitive guidance, life coaching, and writers’ workshops are today important parts of her daily work. Helle believes we all have a story worth exploring and worth telling.


Gail Kraft, author of the Empowering Process, is a motivational speaker, writer, and empowerment guide who runs motivational programs on self-development as well as language and communication techniques. She has worked with businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals, offering approaches for accessing self-awareness, focus, and emotional balance for healthier and happier living.

Gail has studied the Universal Laws that govern our life, Business and Life Coaching techniques, NLP Masters training, Quantum Linguistics master, Soul Realignment Practitioner and more with a focus on how the natural laws of the universe affect your results.

Gail believes that it is through uncovering who you really are that you make conscious choices that allow you to live your life and achieve the success that is waiting for you now.


 Together, they combine their gifts and their skills to create the best way to navigate the Feminine Mystique and discover the natural buoyancy of your deepest desires. Discover yourself even more clearly, calmly, and wisely. Become your Divine Feminine, fully expressed. Shift your life to a level of awareness with their your very core and live the life you dream of.

the journey.  It’s amazing how it’s all connected.  When you’re in the flow…WOW, it FLOWS!!!  I have been in a state of greater awareness, the direction of my life has changed since I met Helle… and it’s been a CLEAR and PEACEFUL transition.
Thank you so much for sharing your loving gift with me.


“Gail Kraft is awesome! She is personable and easy going. She will go out of her way to ensure that she puts you into high gear to ensure you find your way to success. She follows you and spends time to ensure you are on the right track. She is highly recommended for big company executives, small business owners, contractors,etc. An amazing person with tons of experience and widsom.” 


 Early Bird Discount Until August 15.
  ($795 USD class fee plus $995 for a shared room for two with two beds. Private rooms at $1,280)


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($600 USD deposit)


Lush Accommodations

Every room offers plush bedding, warm honey-hued woods and take-your-breath-away views of the fabulous Rangeley Lake.

Outdoor Activities

From water sports, including kayaks and paddle boards, to hiking and optional “field trips” including a lake cruise, there is something for everyone during free time.

Gourmet Fare

We prepare fresh foods daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Savor delicious fare that is prepared from the heart.

Spa Services

Our spa services include:

  • Massage treatments
  • Jacuzzi with lake views
  • Newly installed sauna

Stay an Extra Night on Us!

Your 4th night is free (lodging only). Arrive a day early or stay an extra day to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Additional Classes

Morning meditation or Qi Gong sessions are offered along with daily yoga.

“You start off as a group of strangers and end up with a family of deeply connected kindred spirits.” 

Christine P.
Former Healthcare Marketing Executive at Zimmer of Canada and Eli Lilly of Canada

 Early Bird Discount Until August 15.
  ($795 USD class fee plus $995 for a shared room for two with two beds. Private rooms at $1,280)


Click Below To Reserve Your Spot Today!
($600 USD deposit)



How do I get to Rangeley?
Transfers are available from Portland, Boston and Montreal or enjoy a scenic drive to Rangeley, traveling a route that scales the Appalachian Mountains ridgeline before dropping into rolling valleys and hills. Just be sure to keep an eye out for moose that frequent the region’s roadsides to feed on tender grasses, leaves and branches!

We are only 4.5 hours by car from Boston or Montreal. Portland, Maine is two hours away.

I have special food requirements.

No worries! There are many gluten-free options for breakfast. Lunch and dinner can be modified for vegetarians & vegans.

I'm so busy!
Happiness experts tells us that we derive the most lasting pleasure from experiences. So give yourself an amazing gift this summer – a retreat at an extraordinary destination that will spark your spirit.



 Early Bird Discount Until August 15.
  ($795 USD class fee plus $995 for a shared room for two with two beds. Private rooms at $1,280)


Click Below To Reserve Your Spot Today!
($600 USD deposit )


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